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Notting Hill is a very famous neighbourdhood in London. It is in the west of the city. It´s important because they make the largest carnival of Europe. Notting Hill is also popular for the market of Portobello. The Portobello market is a street market. Is famous worldwide the sale of antiquities and portraits that make tourists. Is there a film with this name. The film is about a bookseller who meets Anna Scott (a famous star) and they fall in love.Notting Hill has a contemporary reputation as an affluent and fashionable area. Notting Hill has had an association with artists and "alternative" culture since its development in the 1820s. There are also areas of deprivation to the north, sometimes referred to as North Kensington, or Ladbroke Grove, from the name of the street.

Notting Hill The Portobello market
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Notting Hill Carnival is the best carnival in Europe. Every year, the streets of West London come alive with the colours and the party. Notting Hill Carnival began in January 1959 in St Pancras Town Hall. This carnival organised by Claudia Jones who is widely recognised as “the Mother of the Notting Hill carnival”
Concerns about the size of the event resulted in London's former Mayor, Ken Livingstone, setting up a Carnival Review Group to look into "formulating guidelines to safeguard the future of the Carnival". An interim report by the review resulted in a change to the route in 2002. When the full report was published in 2004, it recommended that Hyde Park be used as a "savannah"; though this move has attracted some concern that the Hyde Park event may overshadow the original street carnival.

Notting Hill carnival
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The roots of the Notting Hill Carnival come from two separate but connected strands. The Carnival began in January 1959 in St Pancras Town Hall. This carnival organised by Claudia Jones. The other important strand was the "hippie" became the first organised outside event in August 1966.
The Notting Hill Carnival is an annual event which since 1964 has taken place on the streets of Notting Hill. It is led by members of the West Indian community, many of whom have lived in the area since the 1950s. The carnival has attracted up to 2 million people in the past, making it the second largest street festival in the world.
In 2003, the Notting Hill Carnival was run by a limited company, the Notting Hill Carnival Trust Ltd. A report by the London Development Agency on the 2002 Carnival estimated that the event contributes around £93 million to the London and UK economy.


Events of 2011

The Notting Hill Carnival is the largest festival celebration of its kind in Europe. Every year the streets of West London come alive, with the sounds and smells of Europe's biggest street festival.

Starting its life as a local festival set up by the West Indian community of the Notting Hill area, it has now become a full-blooded Caribbean carnival, attracting millions of visitors from all over the world. The Notting Hill Carnival is arguably London's most exciting annual event.

The Notting Hill Carnival usually gets underway on the Saturday with the steel band competition. Sunday is Kids' Day when the costume prizes are awarded. On Bank Holiday Monday, the main parade takes place. It generally begins on Great Western Road. In the evening, the floats leave the streets in procession, and people carry continue partying at the Notting Hill Carnival.

Bathrooms, first axulios, children lost and found and central reporting.


5.Carnival Code.

The Code of the Carnival.The carnival in Notting Hills has a code:Enjoy and behave respectfully.Enjoy ... Jump and parade.At the carnival there to enjoy.All are preparing to celebrate the holiday in Europe's largest street.

Sound systems are found everywhere.Do you come first?Come on Children's Day is Sunday and there are fewer people.A tip, the carnival begins early, at 10 am.

.If you see an incident, tell the police. Will the carnival weekend. If you're going to Carnival in Notting Hill, go in the company, as many people.I remember that the subway, bus and some roads will be closed.. Not too close to the floats of the carnival.Try not to jump on the sound system.Stay away if you are creating problems.The carnival is the artistic expression of freedom, thus shows respect for others.Respect your host and use the facilities for your needs.


  • If you see an unattended bag or package please report it to the nearest Police Officer or member of LNHC's Public Safety team immediately.

  • Arrange to meet friends and family before entering the Carnival area.

  • Have a set meeting place in case you loose family or friends.

  • Ensure arrangements for your return journey before leaving for the Carnival.

  • If you move around the area you may find your return journey easier from another station or bus stop.

  • If you are travelling a short distance it may be easier to walk.

  • Go with the flow of the crowd – don't try to walk against it.

Keep aware, pickpockets will be attracted to the large crowds

  • Don't bring your valuables or wear expensive jewellery.

  • Keep your belongings with you at all times.

  • Don't carry too much cash or credit cards.

  • To avoid congestion, arrive and leave early.

Like the Notting Hill Carnival is the Caribbean, I added some songs Caribbean.



The festival.
The festival.

The festival.

The festival.
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